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It is somewhat strange that whilst light-towers or lighthouses have been in existence, certainly since the time of the early Pharaohs, and Scarborough was regarded as a thriving and prosperous sea-port since the mid-thirteenth century, and by Elizabethan times an important naval base, there appears to be no record of a lighthouse in Scarborough until the start of the nineteenth century.

A Roman signal station was erected on Castle Hill in about the year 350 and remained there for about 50 years but that appears to be it.

A port since Viking times and certainly having a pier in Elizabethan times.  Queen Elizabeth funded improvements to the pier in view of Scarborough's then importance as a naval base, defended by
Scarborough Castle, it was not until the reign of George 11 that there was any real effort to create a proper harbour.

In 1752 the present inner (Vincents) Pier was completed but still there are no records of any form of light tower or lighthouse at this time.

It was in the nineteenth century that lighthouse building became particularly popular, both Nationally and Internationally.